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Adult Beach Volleyball
Rec League

Starting November 1st

Ready for some summer fun in the sand? Join the fastest growing, most dynamic, and MOST FUN beach volleyball league in Jacksonville!

What's an Adult Rec "Ladder" League? 

Ladders are an ever-growing pool of teams seeded by their win/loss record.

  • Teams may join the ladder at any time during the season by AVP ranking or by joining at the bottom of the ladder. Once on the ladder, your team can challenge teams up to 4 positions higher than your team's seed or up to 4 positions lower than your team's seed. If you beat a higher-ranked team, your team climbs the ladder by taking the ranking of the defeated team, and the defeated team drops one spot.


  • The ladder standings will be updated each week as soon as the results of a registered match have been submitted. The Ladder will be updated each Thursday night.


  • Matches can be played anywhere, but the higher-seeded team gets to select the location and is responsible for paying court rental fees when applicable. 


  • Court time is available at Sports Edge Beach for your matches but must be reserved through our MemberMe+ App and Customer Portal and is first come, first served. Learn How to Get the App Here


  • Teams can schedule and play as many matches as they would like each month as long as one match is against a lower-seeded team. A 2-match per month minimum requirement for each team registered on a ladder.


  • At the end of the season, we will host a tournament for the teams and an awards ceremony.


  • This league will follow a 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3 format. Coed is allowed. 


  • Each match will be 1 set to 28 points. Teams are self-ref; if clarification is needed, staff at SE will step in and make the final call.



Adult Rec League Details


  • Play begins November 1st

  • The end of the league tournament will be held in February.



The program, including court time for Games and Practices, is $350. 

Court time for both matches and unlimited practice time (must reserve courts through the app)



  • Minimum of 2 games played per month (but unlimited play is allowed)


  • One match Must challenge a lower-seeded team: can only challenge up 4 or down 4 


  • Every Thursday: standings update; placement will only change on Thursdays

  • 16 and up, BUT if playing with an adult, it can be any age


  • Bring your ball


  • Sign-ups are by team only.



  • Captains must submit their roster before the start of the league. Captains can make changes to their roster throughout the league but, players must play 2 weeks to be eligible for tournament week.


  • The game will be played with personal volleyballs.


  • The league consists of matches plus a season-ending playoff. League matches consist of 1 game with a rally scoring straight to 28 (cap at 28, no win by 2). To maximize your time on the court, please make the league host aware of a team running behind and warm up off the court. Limit warm-ups on the court to 5 minutes.


  • Each game should take around 35-45 minutes, but players are recommended to allow a rest period between games limited to 1-2 minutes when games are tight, like 21-20 or even just long rallies.


  • Captains may ask for one switch when the first team reaches 11 points due to wind, light, etc., but no more than one switch to stay on time. 


  • Let serves are live and not a fault.


  • For 3-on-3 leagues, blocks do count as a touch. Players are not allowed to attack/block the serve above the top of the net immediately following the serve.  Players are allowed to “tomahawk” or overhead pass the serve over on one if the contact is not above the net.


  • Serves are not considered hard driven so “beach digs” do not apply to serves, which means the ball cannot be momentarily held on a serve. Players are NOT allowed to use fingertips on the serve but are allowed on non-hard-driven attacks if they do not make double contact nor momentarily hold the ball.


  • Captains are expected to call their team’s faults (lifts, carries, throws, etc.). How “tight” captains will call hand-setting or overhead passes should be determined before the match begins, and at least one replay to establish the standard if there is a dispute.


  • Rainouts & holidays will be rescheduled as needed. Call the weather hotline at (904)619-9579 to stay up-to-the-minute on weather cancellations.

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