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Sports Performance Training

Performance Training

Meet Our Trainer - Steve Rydzewski


Career Highlights Include:

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Strength, Performance Training The Bolles School

  • Head Men’s JV basketball coach at the Bolles School and Assistant  Varsity Coach

  • Scored over 1700 points throughout his high school career

  • Averaged 24.3 pts/12.5 rebounds per game while shooting 43% from the 3 pt line.

  • Earned first-team all city, first coast, and state as a senior

  • Earned McDonald’s All American Honors ( Florida Designate)

  • Received 25+ Division 1 Basketball Scholarship offers

  • Played at Presbyterian College

  • Named South Atlantic Conference Freshman of the Year and honorable mention All-Conference 1994-995

  • Member of the South Atlantic Conference Tournament Champion Team 1995-1996

Steve Rydzewski comes to Sports Edge from one of Jacksonville’s most prestigious schools with a reputation for athletic excellence, The Bolles School.


As a Division I athlete himself, Steve knows the effort and dedication required to succeed at the highest levels. His training, experience, and personalized approach align with our philosophies of not only to “Get Better Every Day,” but also to, “Be The Best.”

Program Questions Contact:

Steve Rydzewski

Performance Trainer Director

Sports Performance training is focused on injury prevention and increasing strength and agility. These sessions are designed to help athletes reach their full potential in an effort to increase explosive movements, jump higher, and improve overall coordination. These programs identify athletic weaknesses and focus on improvements in those specific areas. Individualized plans make athletes stronger, reduce and prevent injuries, increase their speed, provide better flexibility, and enhance stamina.

Performance Training offers athletes the ability to progress from good to great. 

In order to Be The Best, and Get Better Everyday, we provide our athletes with every avenue to continuously improve and achieve their goals.

As a certified NASM Personal Trainer, Steve brings his years of experience working with school-age athletes to Sports Edge. His performance training methodology consists of 5 pillars;

  • Evaluation

  • Personalization

  • Execution

  • Accountability

  • Results / Benefits

Through his tried and proven program, dedicated athletes can expect to have a stronger body, prevent and reduce injuries, increase speed and power, improved flexibility and balance, and enhanced stamina...The keys to developing a good athlete into a great athlete.

Small-Group Training 

Max 10 Players - Appropriate for PLayers 14-18


​The program consists of weekly sessions. Multiple sessions are offered each day to allow athletes to book into sessions based on their availability.  No More than 10 athletes will be admitted. The first sessions will consist of intense evaluations, followed by the creation of a specific and individualized plan. 

Once purchased, book into sessions as they fit your individual schedule. Sessions run Monday through Thursday from 4pm-9m every hour and they never expire.

Private Training Sessions 

Private Training sessions are beneficial to everyone. They can be scheduled around your availability and at your pace. They offer focused attention, and personal interaction and often produce faster results.


After your purchase, log into your athlete portal to view Coach Steve's availability and to book your private lessons. Get Detailed Instructions on how to book HERE.

  • 8 One Hour Sessions ($55 Per Session)

  • 12 One Hour Sessions ($50 Per Session)

  • 24 One Hour Sessions ($45 Per Session)

Vertimax Training 

Looking for Game Changer? This is it...



Starting in January, Sports Edge Performance Training will begin to offer a limited amount of Vertimax training sessions. 

Vertimax is the world's leading vertical jump and speed training system. It is the only system that simultaneously loads the upper and lower body. 

Meaning...More Explosive in less time

VertiMax is the most effective vertical jump training system in the world because it allows an athlete to maximize both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize the vertical lift component which leads to superior vertical jump performance gains. With VertiMax, all the muscles associated with the vertical jump effort will be loaded through the Full Range of the vertical jumping motion. Applying a useful training load through the FULL Range of Motion will more effectively condition the leg, back and shoulder muscles involved with the arm swing to produce power sooner in the explosive movement to improve acceleration and take-off velocity.

Vertimax is next-generation training.  VertiMax gives coaches the ability to simulate position-specific and game-specific movements. The equipment is designed to work with the movement of an athlete while applying a resistance band load. For example, blockers can apply a load at their waist and work on approaching the net for a block. Take advantage of being able to create game-type scenarios while applying a load!  

Learn more about Vertimax sports-specific training:


Vertimax training is for advanced athletes ages 14 and up.  

Each session will only include TWO athletes. 


*Note:  All athletes will NOT be approved for Vertimax training. The first session will serve as the evaluation and each athlete will need approval from the Sports Edge Performance Training Director to continue. Vertimax requires balanced functional movement, athleticism, and strength and is not suitable for all athletes. 

Available January Sessions:

Once a package is purchased, you must book the individual sessions to secure your time slot. 

Time Slots Available:  

5:45p 6:15p, 6:45p, 7:15p, 7:45p



Mar 14-31 Tuesday - Friday

Packages Available: 


Sessions do not expire.


4 Training Sessions


12 Training Sessions


8 Training Sessions


24 Training Sessions

Athlete Small Group
Private Trainig
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